Can Hillary Overcome the Trump Card?

*A trump card is a card elevated over its normal rank, which in a trick card game, will beat the others, regardless of their value.


She holds all the cards to win the 2016 election:

  • Foreign policy expertise
  • Intelligence
  • Record Protecting human rights, equal rights, privacy rights, religious freedom, free speech
  • Favors fair taxation
  • Even temperament
  • Committed to family
  • Integrity

Her Republican opponent lacks all of these yet continues to attract large numbers of supporters. Will not-so-veiled racism be the card which “trumps” Hillary’s hand?




About karengrossman

I am a disenchanted Republican, fed up with elitist, boorish, backward-thinking, anti-education, divisive and unelectable candidates. I am blogging as a "new" Republican, true to the roots of the party, not beholden to billionaires.
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