He Who Must Not Be Named

voldermort trump

With Cruz and Kasich out of the primary, I cannot bring myself to speak the name of the remaining candidate. “You know who” represents an epic failure of the Republican party. I will not vote for him because he:

  1. Disrespects women – especially those with any sort of power, e.g. journalists, candidates, celebrities (unless they conform to a Miss Universe model of beauty).
  2. Disrespects war heroes – John McCain, and all others.
  3. Disrespects people of any race or ethnicity he does not share – today that means African-Americans, Latins, Arabs – tomorrow that means anyone not rich or white enough.
  4. Mocks the disabled. Can someone go any lower?
  5. Lacks even a basic understanding of world politics. As someone said, he is already doing damage to foreign policy even before he could potentially be our president.
  6. Encourages violence against those who speak against him. Um, remember the Constitution was supposed to be important to Republicans. Or was that just about toting a gun around?
  7. Lacks integrity.
  8. Lacks character.
  9. Bullies opponents.
  10. Does not love the USA – civil war is on the horizon if he is elected and allowed to persist dividing us against each other.

Put your country first, do not vote for “you know who.”


About karengrossman

I am a disenchanted Republican, fed up with elitist, boorish, backward-thinking, anti-education, divisive and unelectable candidates. I am blogging as a "new" Republican, true to the roots of the party, not beholden to billionaires.
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