Yesterday’s Announcement

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Primary Battles

It’s no secret that a good fight is good entertainment.  Somewhere along the line, however, fair competition became not enough for viewers. It’s no coincidence that NFL games are getting more violent and out of the referees’ control.  We are desensitized by media saturated with violence.  Now it is not enough to have a good debate of the issues, or a fair football game.  Viewers want to see blood, and the networks are ready with the knife.

Forget about informing the voters about where various candidates stand on the issues important to Americans.  I mean – who wants to watch that?  These candidates are the stars of the show, let ’em play!

Last night’s debate was as sad, depressing and dysfunctional as the last episode of Honey Boo Boo. Candidates are devolving into caricatures of themselves:  Simplistic assurances that we will keep out Muslims, throw out  Mexicans, roadblock Hillary, and bomb, bomb, bomb away  Arabs resonates with those who confuse dominance with leadership. Each debate gives Republican candidates another opportunity to destroy each other. The team is losing the game, it’s ugly, and I don’t know if I can watch.


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New York Values?

What are New York values?  Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz says Trump embodies “New York values,” and that the rest of the country knows what that means.  Enlighten me – I am part of the rest of the country, and I don’t know what that means.


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How to Win in 2016


Don’t nominate a candidate who excludes female, Latin, and African-Americans issues from their stump speeches and platform. That didn’t work last time and it won’t work this time. That means if you nominate a divisive candidate, for example, you will ending up cheering and saying “So there! We showed you!” while you loose the general election, not to mention the respect of most of the country and international community.

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Six Qualities of an Ideal Candidate

Meaning someone I would actually vote for –

  1. Sacrificial Love of Country-military or public service record
  2. Integrity 
    1. Commitment to family
    2. Candid, honest and consistent position statements
    3. Moral anchor (typically religious)
  1. Even Temperament
    1. Able to disagree respectfully
    2. Sticks to issues-does not engage in personal attacks
    3. Thinks or deliberates before speaking/decision-making
  1. Represents all Americans
    1. Uses language that unites, rather than divides people
    2. Sensitive to and vocal regarding issues that affect large segments of the population
  2. Wise
    1. Humble enough to value others’ opinions
    2. Smart enough to discern and decide based on what’s best for country
  3. Communicator
    1. Regularly communicates with Americans re important issues
    2. Uses leadership role to engage international community
    3. Understands social media


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