USA vs. Trumplandia

patriot flag versustrumplandia 2

If you love the USA as much as I do, you will not vote for trump.  If you need a reason for your less-enlightened friends, here are the top 50 reasons a US patriot would not vote for Trump.

  1. He has not released his tax returns.
  2. He mocked the disability of a journalist.
  3. He is divisive even within his party. A dozen Republican senators, four Republican governors, the last two Republican presidents and the last two GOP nominees refuse to attend the GOP convention at which Trump will accept the “party’s” nomination.
  4. He opposes vaccinations recommended by pediatricians.
  5. He thinks of women and African-Americans as possessions, “my African-American,” and “I think the only difference between me and the other candidates is that I’m more honest and my women are more beautiful.”
  6. He believes China created the global warming issue to make the U.S. unable to compete, rejecting the majority opinion of the world’s scientists.
  7. He described laziness as a character trait of black people, declined an invitation to speak at the NAACP, and sued the government to get out of renting to African-Americans. He dismisses the unequal justice concerns of African-Americans.
  8. He accepted the support of the Ku Klux Klan and its leaders.
  9. He makes up his mind about foreign policy issues based on his intuition, rather than facts, as he stated to Wolf Blitzer “I’m an intuitive person. I didn’t read books on NATO.”
  10. He has no idea how many articles are in the U.S. Constitution.
  11. He does not consider U.S. veterans who were prisoners of war to be heroes.
  12. He avoided the draft by claiming a bone spur on his foot.
  13. He demanded the resignation of a US Supreme Court judge who spoke critically of him.
  14. He demanded the recusal of U.S. Federal judge based on the judge’s ethnicity.
  15. He encourages violence against those who exercise free speech, announcing to a crowd “I’d like to punch him (a protester) in the face.”
  16. He insulted Mexicans by calling the majority of those “sent” here rapists.
  17. He praised Putin and Saddam Hussein, especially their propensity to torture suspects, and vowed to bring back waterboarding “and worse.”
  18. He had young girls dance for him, and wistfully announced he would probably date his daughter if they were not related.
  19. He asked voters to pledge allegiance to him (versus our country).
  20. He attributed a female journalist’s tough questions to her menstrual cycle.
  21. He says he consults with “his own brain.”
  22. He has been unfaithful to his spouse(s).
  23. He has cheated workers out of agreed-upon pay.
  24. He has used wealth to abuse our legal system, bringing multiple frivolous lawsuits.
  25. He has pledged to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.
  26. He has proposed a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S.
  27. He believes a woman’s physical appearance reflects her worth.
  28. He used a six point star of David with cash behind it to imply opponent’s alliance with stereotypically imagined Jews.
  29. He uses profanity.
  30. He withholds press privileges from journalists he perceives to be critical of him.
  31. He vows to destroy established trade agreements.
  32. He did not know Scotland voted against Brexit.
  33. He makes an every day practice of name-calling his opponents on Twitter.
  34. He allows terrorists access to guns in the US.
  35. He blames the U.S. President for domestic terrorist attacks.
  36. He claims to be a Christian, but admits he has never asked for God’s forgiveness, instead maintaining that he never makes mistakes.
  37. His school preyed on people trying to get an education – for his profit.
  38. He perpetuated the stereotype that Jews are good for counting money.
  39. He plays the victim (“I’m being attacked”) while bullying others.
  40. He approved a logo that showed him on top of his running mate in a sexually suggestive animation.
  41. He used the Orlando terror attack as an opportunity to take credit for his predictions about Muslims.
  42. He lied about self-funding his campaign.
  43. He lied about the extent of his wealth.
  44. He failed to pay contractors who worked on his mansions.
  45. He wants to deny health insurance coverage to those Americans with preexisting conditions.
  46. He wants to deport children born, raised, and educated in this country because one or both parents arrived without documentation.
  47. He wants to ban immigration from any country he deems has terrorists.
  48. He promotes politics of exclusivity, not inclusivity.
  49. He said, “The beauty of me is that I’m very rich,” revealing his belief that money is the source of beauty.
  50. He is a proven racist, with an ignorant bully’s approach to foreign policy, which confirms every negative stereotype about Americans worldwide.


If you think any of these are unfair, do your own FACT finding research – each of these statements is based upon Trump quotes or public records (in the case of the lawsuits he has brought and defended).

About karengrossman

I am a disenchanted Republican, fed up with elitist, boorish, backward-thinking, anti-education, divisive and unelectable candidates. I am blogging as a "new" Republican, true to the roots of the party, not beholden to billionaires.
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