Ballad of a New Republican

Make the country great again
run by rich and white old men
Wall Street governs Washington
Can I get an Amen?

He raises up a gold baton
Cheers fill the stadium
The crowd moves on as one
Marching to the beat.

Reason tiredly watches
The suit and hairspray preen
Most popular marching on
To be prom’s king and queen.

Chanting past the crooked tree
The lush and fertile fields
Green grass flattens underfoot
Marching to the sea.

Diversity hurts you and me
Throw out those who disagree
Then bomb them ’till it’s only me
Who matters any more.

Roaring surf heard too late
Crowd crushes to the waves
Sighs fill the land of the free
At the home of their grave.

Written by Karen Grossman, copyright 2016, response to Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump.




About karengrossman

I am a disenchanted Republican, fed up with elitist, boorish, backward-thinking, anti-education, divisive and unelectable candidates. I am blogging as a "new" Republican, true to the roots of the party, not beholden to billionaires.
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